Zyen’s Barber Shop

Recent Comments Zyen’s Barber Shop:
  1. What a great Barbers Shop. My first visit. Great cut and chat. Will definitely go back.
  2. Friendly staff. Great barbers.
  3. The best barbers around. I don’t go anywhere else. Worth waiting through lockdown for. And they do that thing where you think your ears are going to catch fire but it’s a ninja way of removing ear hair.
  4. All barbers are cool guys and everyone of them try the best every time. And people who talk garbage I’ll say don’t worry the end of the day it’s just hair cut after one week you’re hair growing up again.
  5. Me and my son goto Zyens for a haircut. The staff are very polite and honest. I always have a great chat and never walk away unhappy. The prices are also very good.