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  1. sam is the best barber and i get mu hair done evry week its perfuct .., he got the gold hand ..
  2. I go here all the time and the workers know me very well, I get my hair cut for 9 pounds!!!! Amazing would definitely recommend this place
  3. I sent my son to Zohan barbers for a haircut and yet when he comes out and half his eyebrow is shaved off! i was furious so I called them and they said that it wasn’t their problem and they wouldn’t give a compensation or even say sorry!
  4. I enjoyed having my hair cut for the summer of 2019 at Zohan Barbers in Wallington which was four days ago now on Tuesday 18th June.
  5. You lost a customer. I went in today for a beard trim, and it clearly says on the board £5.. the guy charged me £7 for just a beard trim… never going back, I will buy my own trimmer from Argos