Yi’s Barber Shop

Recent comments¬† Yi’s Barber Shop:
  1. Ms. Yi works quickly and efficiently. I needed a full haircut and she cut my hair in less than 20 minutes. While she was quick, I believe the quality of the haircut was not adversely impacted by her speed. I am happy with the results and will return in the future.
  2. 100% good cut. Precise and timely and she keeps you clean so you’re not itching all day.
  3. They are cash only but it is definitely worth it. $15 for a cut but I give her the whole $20. She spends a dedicated amount of time on each haircut and makes sure it is done right. I have had a few cuts in the area and no one compares to the quality I received here. This is a quality service and a must for military haircuts.
  4. Super nice lady. She took her time with the haircut. $17
  5. Fast, professional, clean, fair price, overall a hidden gem.