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1. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Worst set of nails I’ve ever had. do NOT let Henry do your nails… he put the nail on crooked the first time and yelled at me and said it was my fingers fault LOL. He literally started huffing and puffing and threw a fit like a child because

2. Always a pleasure coming to this nail salon. The people who work there are friendly and they do a great job always. Prices are good and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a change or wanting to start going to a nail salon.

3. I stopped bc I was in the area. I was asked what I wanted, stated manicure and shellac. A man was called to service me, he say I give you powder, “do better for my nails”. I told him I didn’t want powder I asked for manicure and shellac.

4. i was referred to this salon by a friend and had messaged the artist to see what her prices were and i was quoted at 45/50 for a set of dip on natural nails and i was just charged 67 dollars, i was pretty upset that the quote was so far

5. Critical: Quality, Value
I went to get my nails done for a prom themed birthday party. I got a full set french tip for $50. They started to lift up within two days. I went back and had them redone (filled in). That part was free. However, they started to lift up

6. Not one service was done well.
The man was rude and yelled.
The lady said she had a language barrier and didn’t hear my requests.

7. Me and my mom normally visit this location often. We normally both go to Jen but Jen was very busy. So I set my pride aside and went to a man named “Henry”. He is known for having a bad attitude and being rude. He was very rough on my nails

8. please don’t go here. I got a pedicure for my wedding in a few days and the skin on my toe was ripped off right under my nail so i was in pain the whole time & two hours later, the nail polish came clean off my toes!! terrible experience & now i have to waste another day getting them redone after paying $53 for a pedicure ! 🙂
Service: Pedicures

9. The guy did my nails and the shape is all wrong. My nails look like eagle talons. And he cut me in my cuticle with the drill. It keeps on bleeding every time I rub it or bump it on something. And there is a weird white chunk under the nail he cut. It’s scaring me. I’m not going back there again.
Service: Acrylic nails

10. Yaya and her niece Chum are fantastic at nail art. Make sure to make a appointment for 1 of these 2, they sure are busy !