Yankee Barber Shop, Boniface Pkwy.

Recent Comments Yankee Barber Shop, Boniface Pkwy.:
  1. Great place to get a badass haircut. Good customer service. Comfortable atmosphere.
  2. Good haircut but have to pay with cash, no electronic payment. In fact, they have ATM inside for $1.99 fee per withdrawal. Cheaper
  3. I’ve never been so disappointed how can you mess up a haircut that bad! I left trying to be as nice as possible without flipping out on the guy who cut my hair and race home without being seen! Now I’m going to have to shave it off.
  4. Great staff !! Very professional and they know their business when it comes to hair cutting and mustache ! Awesome job ! Will DEFINITELY be back with my son and will be referring more friends !
  5. Husband and son went here to get their haircut…I loved how they cut their hair and my little 1 look handsome…only waited 8 mins regards how busy it was and great price.