Whispering Woods Plaza

Recent Comments Whispering Woods Plaza:

1. Went to Children’s Orchard! Love the clean and newer merchandise, little pricey! But clean friendly environment! Great experience!

2. Kroger, Subway, Peking Chinese, Verizon, Syphus… plus, many other stores, in a very convenient grouping.

3. Crumble Cookies served up some of the most delicious cookies I have tasted from a bakery style store in forever.

4. Nice for a quick shopping trip… Easy to get to and park.

5. Convenient. Has a gas station ,pizza, grocery store. It is convenient. Good parking.

6. Parking lot is a bit holy. I mean holey .. my phone says the latter is not a word. 🤷‍♂️

7. Always a great local place to get anything you need

8. Went to the animal clinic. Employees are thoughtful personable and considerate.
My neighbor had left his credit card.
So we picked it up

9. Went to Verizon and young man who assisted me was pleasant, attentive and very polite and gracious.

10. Everyone is really quiet around these parts then I remembered the name of the plaza🤷‍♂️