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1: First timer! And let me tell you how impressed I am with win, she did an amazing job! And for a great price! I will definitely be returning for my fills and any other services I need!

2: My pedicure guy seemed like he didn’t want to be there. As soon as he was done he went and took a nap an just left me. It took his co-worker, who was very nice and funny to put my sandals back on my feet an tell me my toes were dry.

3: Wasn’t the best experience. Nail tech cut my skin while trying to cut my cuticles that it started bleeding. Polish came out aweful. Especially looking at the pictures they posted. I’m no where near a picky person but i won’t waste my time again.

4: Kevin was exemplary in every way from allowing me to walk-in to planning the healthiest choice of gels for my nails.I couldn’t happier with Voulez Vous Nail services!

5: I love going here. They have never messed up my nails. Highly recommended!! I changed back to natural and my gf went for the 1st time ever!!