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1: The first picture is what I wanted the second picture is what they gave me😭. It was end of the day and they were rushing and arguing with each other so I didn’t want to say anything about the nails I was loving the nails before the middle two and the lady was super nice.

2: I get my nails done every other Monday, the guy is great and gentle when working with your hands. Bonus when he files the nails he does not cut your finger with the file unlike most places do.

3: We were last app. Of the day and we were late and they still let us in and did our nails did a great job and got done quickly thank u guys! We love our nails!!!!

4: So disappointed. Went in with a wedding group and got a gel manicure. The techs rushed us through and didn’t even finish filling or trimming cuticles on one hand. She left very rough edges. The gel was peeling off on two fingers within 24 hours. The wedding was out of state and there was no time to go back to fix it. 😐

5: I thoroughly enjoy my experience every time I go for a pedicure! After we were allowed to go back into the salon the owner was absolutely on top of every practice to be in compliance and protect his clients. I highly recommend this business!