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1: I have visited 3 times, first time was ok but the last 2 times it was very bad experience. The barbers are kind of rude in the way they act and handle the haircut. They don’t seem to care about customers and how they feel. I usually don’t bother to leave reviews but this is a worst experience and never visit again.

2: Busy barber on Saturday afternoon but still well looked after. Professional Turkish barbers at work!!! Really pleased with my haircut and beard trim. I felt confident from the beginning as it was my first visit. Will come again soon.

3: I’ve had my hair cut 5 times her, each by a different person, was pleased overall but on one occasion my skin fade was not even on both sides l.

4: Bad customer service. Barbers don’t know English and do not listen to what customer wants. Ended up having a rash n going bald! Never going back

5: Never had a problem. Only place around still doing walk ins. Always a nice cut.