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  1. I was a bit nervous walking in after reading all the reviews but was pleasantly surprised. I tried 4-5 salons but none had availability for walk-ins. Staff was friendly and were able to get me in as a walk in with no wait(Wednesday afternoon). Hanna did a great job with my gel mani!
  2. $90! No gel on toes, just fingers, fingers smudged and toes cut down on side-bled…hoping I don’t get an ingrown toenail 🤦🏼‍♀️ Not pleased at all and first time I’ve never left a tip.
  3. The man was very rough with my nails and rushed because he double booked me with another person. Very uneven and lumpy nails and 3 different shades now because he used a different color for my ombre!
  4. Let me say upfront: I would give negative stars if i could. I went in for a fill because my normal place is closed for a couple weeks. I though “how bad could someone mess up a fill?” Very bad apparently. Every. Single. One. of my nails is a different shape, length, and width. At this point half of my acrylics are the same length of my natural nails. The ones that are long are SUPER sharp. The tech was pulling and yanking my hands into uncomfortable positions ive never seen before (and that would honestly have been fine it I walked out with acceptable nails.) The other tech was facetiming someone while giving a client a manicure. They clearly dont care what clients think about the service.
  5. One star rating way too much. No star. Over priced. Horrible / sloppy job. Charged me $80 for wetting my feet and putting lotion on them. She also rushed through my manicure; gel polish dried on my skin —a child could’ve done better. Waste of money and time.