Tony .G hairdressing

Recent Comments Tony .G hairdressing:

1: Thank you so much for my new hair cut! I’m very grateful for all advices about my hair and I appreciate it!

2: Tony is simply one of the best stylists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I always come out happy with my hair and I’ve also learned a lot about how to better look after it. Plus she’s a fun, witty person.

3: Tony gave me the most amazing haircut. My hair has never felt so healthy and looked so good. She was so meticulous- her attention to detail is amazing. I would 100% recommend her and I will be traveling back to Chiswick again for this haircut! Best haircut I have ever had in London.

4: Tony is an absolute genius. I now refuse to let anyone else touch my hair to the point where I flew back to London to see her when I was working abroad. My hair has never looked stronger or healthier, and I have never had more compliments on it than after meeting Tony. She’s tough but if you follow her advice, you will not regret it!

5: Toni G (& Kathryn) are truly fantastic, genuine, caring and really customer centred. Toni’s dry cutting, and split end removal technique has completely transformed my hair. I also love that Toni will always put the health of my hair above any treatment request I may have, which is completely refreshing. Thankyou Toni you’re the best.