Tips & Toes Nail Salon

Recent Comments Tips & Toes Nail Salon:

1: I had my nails done there and within a week they were popping off. Pedicure was great. They need more people for the amount of business they get.

2: My Family and I always go here they are very friendly and good

3: Quick and somewhat affordable, but such poor quality. I got a gel polish change on my toes (not a full pedicure) and paid $20 plus a $5 tip. Once I got back to work and really looked at my polish, it’s even sloppier than it would’ve been if I had done it myself.

4: Very nice and friendly people along with good prices. If you are going for any specific designs on your nails, this may not be the best place but overall we were going just to take my young neice for her birthday and she loved it!

5: The experience was great! Shyanne and her crew were as nice as always. I did have to go back and have my nails repolished because of the bristles in the color. However, when I called, with no hesitation she told me to come back and they got me taken care of.