The Goodfellas barbers Turkish grooming

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  1. First things first: this place is CASH ONLY. But don’t be too turned off by this. There’s about 3 free cash points all within 3 mins walking distance. A good place to go if you’re not into small talk and looking to just get a standard back and sides. If you have a very specific style you’re invested in, this is not the place (you shouldn’t be expecting more than the basic for the £15 price tag).
  2. Barber didn’t understand what I asked for. Quality of cut was poor as the lengths differed. Covid measures were poor and the place wasn’t clean nor was good hygeine practices follwed.
  3. I’ve been a regular at Goodfellas for over five years and I’m still impressed by the level of care they give to every single trim. The staff are friendly and always up for a chat, but they also don’t mind working in silence if you’re not in the mood. I have to walk past 3 barbers to get to Goodfellas from my house, and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else because I’ve found the best barber in Brighton. If you want a clean cut for a reasonable price then this is the place.
  4. Extremely happy with my beard trim and haircut. Really nice barber and a VERY thorough cut! Hair washed, cut and styled. Beard trimmed, eyebrows and ears sorted as well as hot towel and arm/hand rub. All for a very good price! 10/10! I’m a new regular!
  5. Friendly staff fantastic service a professional cut always happy after I visit