The Cut Men’s Barber Lounge

Recent Comments The Cut Men’s Barber Lounge:

1. Hooked me up last minute. I didn’t know they only do appointments and when I walked in they set an appointment for later that day. Looked great. Only bummer is cash only.

2. I’ve been getting my hair cut here for a couple years now and I like to get different barbers each time. They all do a great job. It’s a great atmosphere and everything you’d want from a barbershop. The owner is friendly and professional, and all the other barbers are really nice as well.

3. Try to get a hair cut at this place and they were very rude it was 10am and four barbers and four client’s when ask the barber’s how long of a wait for a cut they said there booked until 3pm🤔😏

4. My first time ever coming into this barbershop, I’m from out of town. They allowed me as a walk in without an appointment and the barber did a fine job cutting my hair. He paid extreme attention to detail and took his time to the cut

5. This place is the jam. If you don’t know about it, your missing out. Great cuts by pretty much every barber(special shout out to Estrada)! Plus the look of the place is clean, and very modern. Usually they don’t do appointments and manage a

6. Thank you Angel. I really like my haircut. Glad I found this place. Clean facility, professional manners, and timely. Will go back again.

7. Straight razor shave as well pro job super clean as for ED

8. Best hair cuts,super friendly people I highly recommend this place

9. Estrada gets down! Definitely gives you your money’s worth. One of the best, if not the best haircut I’ve ever had! Thanks! 💯

10. 1st time here, visiting from Bay Area, got haircut with Chris and I’m so happy how he did it!! Definitely I’ll be back anytime when I SoCal!!