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1:I have been to a lot of places and honestly their service is very good! I am very picky and I hate when the barber literally punches my scalp with the clipper or pulls my hair with scissors. I was afraid at first but the barber knew what he was doing. His movements were soft, steady and I actually enjoyed being there. Skin fade was done perfectly! I will definitely come back.

2:Waited over an hour with only two people in front. The guy left for lunch when I was due; fair enough, people need a break, but he didn’t tell me and said 2 mins. Waste of time. Not sure the reviews for this place are even legit.

3:Great place for bold men 🙂 Excellent service.

4:My first time at these guys. Very professional and detailed.. No fuss straight to the point. Very well priced . Be sure to leave a good tip. Definitely will be back when I’m in the area. Thanks.

5:Hands down the nicest gents barber/hair salon I’ve been in, in about 20 years. It doesn’t look much, and it gets busy. The couple of guys who are in there when I’ve been in on evenings and weekends are quite relaxed and genuine, and there is a bit of banter when random friends come in off the street. The haircuts I’ve had have been top notch (from either of the youngish guys). Even though they don’t mess about, the attention to detail and advice, and the finished haircut, are all really good. To be fair, I’m just getting a standard gents cut, but they put in a line for the shed which I’ve never had before, and it makes the style last a lot longer. Definitely worth getting your haircut here.