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1:I have been a customer of this hairdresser for many years and have always found them welcoming and professional.

2:These guys care about their customers and do a great job 👍

3:A decent cut is hard to find around central without paying an extortionate amount. This place is did a great cut, no queue, walked straight in and got exactly what I asked for. Highly recommended.

4:Stylish, professional, clean, friendly and a reasonable price in a great location. Just right!

5:Bad welcome and overall unpleasant hairdresser – didn’t cut the extra hair below the line on the back. I was so uncomfortable that I didn’t asked for my hair to be cut more as I didn’t feel he cut enough. My loss I guess but I didn’t feel like p… off the guy with scissors in its hands. I’m off to find someone else to finish the job. Never again.