Tender Loving Care Pet Grooming

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1: My cat was extremely matted all over. They shaved his body but not his head, paws, or a bit at the end of his tail. So cute! The full treatment with bath and nails etc was worth the money. The workers did a very quick job for a drop in.

2: The best grooming place my poor baby was all matted impossible to take them off he wouldn’t let us cut his face hair when I got him back I was so happy when I seen everything was gone and he could finally see ..

3: I love the way they take there time and know my pups. When I take my dogs here I feel like the ladies take amazing care of them. They listen when I explain little details.

4: The ladies are great. Very pleased with the way they cut my bichon’s hair. And he is never sad when I pick him up after grooming 👍

5: My pomeranian is very happy there they do a great job