Tanglewood Barber Shop

Recent Comments Tanglewood Barber Shop:

1. Barber in 1st chair has been cutting hair for many years and is now 85 years old and still works full time. He does a very good job with haircut. He is not as fast as he used to be but I don’t mind because of quality of the cut.

2. Go see my boy Chuck for a cut that’s worth your bucks. Experience and the true essence of a barber shop lie within. Also multicultural hair is always welcome to accommodate the style of anyone who steps through the door.

3. Mr. Mitchell has cut my hair for the past 7 years. He always does a great job and remembers how I like it cut. Finishes with a straight razor! Excellent, old school barbershop. Best in Little Rock!!

4. My son went to his Barber Shop hasn’t had his haircut for over two and a half years they gave him a nice up close tight haircut and gave him a straight shave he looked wonderful very nice establishment very kind people will be returning and

5. Ok y’all decent hair cut at a fair price great people I got a great cut at a fair price.

6. I sat while my husband had a haircut and the environment was fun and the staff were very efficient with high standards of customer service! His hair looked great!

7. Great place for a cut and style. The stylists are talented and very friendly. Do stop by and treat yourself!

8. It’s not so bad, what’s the fuss? Maybe 20 years ago it was bad, but they had a great system now for lines and waiting. Plus, it’s all computerized now. Staff was very nice and helpful

9. They prefer appointment but will take drop-ins. Two hair-cutters, so my wait was not long (I had no appointment) . A very nice haircut took 30 min

10. A good place to have some shopping therapy..and good a atmosphere.