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1: After many cuts from other stylists that ended in frustration, I found Shannon. She listened and worked with me to get my hair exactly where I wanted it. It’s perfect! Thank you, Shannon!

2: I have been going to Jen to get my hair cut for 3 years when we moved here. First I was going ever other month and maybe she would put a few foils every once in a while. It’s nice that she decides whether I need a touch up or not instead of automatic color for the money. Now I go just to get pampered. 💘 Jen Nash

3: Shannon Abbott cut my hair for 14 years in Colorado. Her haircuts are amazing and she spends a great deal of time and attention to detail. She has completed reputable training. And after she styled my hair following the haircut, I was also able to see how good it could look if I was able to style it the same way! Leah

4: My wife needed a hair cut 💇 She looks Great 👍

5: Shannon Abbott is a highly experience hair stylist. She has done my hair cuts and hair color for 15+ years. She is the only hair stylist that has been able to get the color of my hair correct. She listen to what you have to say and pays attention to detail. She does an amazing job!