T. Michaels Salon and Spa

Recent Comments T. Michaels Salon and Spa:
  1. Heather did a great job on my hair! First time getting my hair cut in NWA. She gave great input when we were deciding what to do with my hair and gave me a great cut for my long and fine hair. After the cut, she offered to curl my hair – so beautiful!
  2. Chad always does outstanding work! First time ever I found someone who I can leave everything up to him and never be disappointed! I’m still amazed that I’m in and out in a hour for highlights and a trim whereas everyone else I’ve ever gone to it’s been at least 2 hours!
  3. The salon wasn’t hard to find and really clean and modern. My favorite part was my haircut and styling experience with Madison! I have wavy/curly hair and she did an amazing job and took her time to make sure she gave me an amazing haircut for my texture and also educated me 😁 I will definitely be coming back to see her.
  4. The entire energy and atmosphere of this place is off. The chairs and stylists are super close to each other, I felt like we were all cattle. The person who did my hair and I just didn’t gel right away and tbh he was kind of aggressive. I’m not going to mention his name, but he rubbed me the wrong way with his attitude and odd demeanor.
  5. I’ve only ever come to T.Michaels to get my hair done since I moved here over a year ago. Look no further fit me. I love Gaby she is a great stylist and color genius. She is great to chat with also during the process. This place is clean and contemporary. I enjoy coming here to get my hair done.