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1. Derek (shop owner) is without question, the best barber in the city! Been with him for 20 years now. Laid back, down to earth and absolute professional at what he does. He employs some of the best masterbarber’s in the business. Trust me, you can’t find a better one than T & J.

2. Took my son to get his hair cut. The owner and Master Barber is my Cousin. He has 2 other Barbers in the shop. They do an Excellent job on Adults and children. You Must wear a Mask 😷.

3. My first time there, getting my grandsons hair cut. The guy charged me one price and it said a different price on the wall. I wouldn’t refer no one here. Wasn’t a clean place. They had No customer service qualities. It was more like a

4. Not the best hair cut I ever had but they don’t do much white blonds here. But that said. Great friendly staff. Great neighborhood connection. Great sound system! We need to fix the monitors but I will help them with that. I found it

5. Kaseen cuts my grandsons hair. He is very great with kids. He is by far the best barber in the shop. They have great hours! I’m always disappointed listening to barber “Magic” who kept talking about his cheating wife and personal problems. Kaseen is definitely above the drama!

6. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
I’ve been to many shops in Detroit for many years and I’ve never had a barber who remembered how he cut my hair. Derrick and the crew are very professional and I recommend to all who listen to visit T&J Barber Shop if they ever visit Detroit.

7. I live in sterling heights and have a 9 year old son, in my area there arent very many AA barbershops. I have tried a few, if you live out here you know the most popular spots. I have been disappointed by all the ones that are close to me

8. I am a single mom and I took my son here for his first hair cut and the barber was very patient and extremely knowledge. He took the time to explain all types of haircut designs to me which I never knew existed. Thanks for being great to me and my son!

9. Always on point with service, always on point with the haircut, just awesome! And the young man that cuts my son hair… awesome guy, keeps good conversation, intelligent and always does the best job he can! I appreciate him very much, Thank you!😀

10. It’s always a pleasure to go there. My Barber is Magic. He’s a good dude.