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1: Love getting my nails done here!!! Jenny is my go to for my acrylics and Lilly for my pedicure’s, I’m in and out of there really quick with a fantastic professional job done! And they treated my little one, who got her first manicure, like a princess! Thanks Sunshine Nails!

2: My complaint is that they don’t do appointments. Nails came out nice, pedicure was. Awesome.

3: Jenny, linda and henry are awesome ❤️ they give you the best experience and make you feel like part of the family.

4: We always come here for pedicures, and we arent the only ones. If you dont want to wait 30-60 minutes then come early, like when they open. However thier pedicures ARE worth the wait. Also Artsy Fartsy is next door so you can go check out thier fabulous art store while you wait 🙌

5: Jennifer did a great job on my nails. I got a manicure with gel rainbow nail polish in response to pride month. Friendly service and quite clean! I heard great things about the royal pedicure that includes a 15 minute massage!