Sterling Shopping Center

Recent Comments Sterling Shopping Center:

1. I spend way to much time browsing through all of the unique gifts and home goods in Main Street, as well as the fantastic dollar section. The pharmacy is great, and all the techs go out of their way to assist with med info, contacting providers, and dealing with insurance issues.

2. Wide variety of Seasonal items. A card section, wrapping. Dollar store. A little pricier, but the staff are so friendly and courteous. Shopped there many times.

3. There is a few stores in here. There is one that a woman owns or rents, its like a little thrift shop. Just specific items that you just can’t find at Walmart or Walgreen’s. Outdoor items, household, mechanical, electronic, HBA, you name it!

4. Went with my dad after some hardware store shopping. Kept planning to go there in the past, but had a hard time keeping track of their open hours. Covid-19 compliant, excellent food at an excellent price, clean bathrooms, and very friendly

5. Lots to choose from, good customer service, good sales

6. Fantastic workers amazing beautiful one of a kind gift ideas great quality merchandise

7. I visited Ace Hardware. They always have what I need. At least 99% of the time anyway. That’s pretty good odds that they will have what you need in a hardware store. I went to get supplies to wash the walls in my house, and they had everything, right down to the vinegar. The employees are nice and very helpful too.

8. Critical: Professionalism
The lady met us at the door scolded us for not wearing a mask we said that’s fine we have some in our vehicle we came back she met us there again saying we close in 5 minutes make it quick we said alright ma’am went to pay for our item she

9. Went to Ace Hardware. Nice store with a good selection of merchandise.

10. Really nice gift items can be found here, as well as upscale household decor, furniture, basic crafting items, upscale children’s toys, and clothing. There is even a really good dollar section and an indoor play area for the children! Free gift wrapping is offered for anything bought in the store.