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1. Went here with my boyfriends sisters(I don’t have pictures of their nails) but they turned out really good. I loved mine but they were a little chunky and he kind of made a mess on my fingers. All three of us had different people to do our

2. I’m so frustrated after spending over two hours there, my nails are still unsatisfactory 😩 I’m a very reasonable person, not hard to please. I asked for the tacky acrylic job to be fixed to no avail. Don’t waste your time.

3. Pricing is never the same, every time I go it’s a different price for the same services. Always rushing, nails are always different shapes and length but they want to charge top dollar. They have some new people that don’t know how to do

4. Critical: Quality
Absolutely do not go here. The entire experience was uncomfortable and painful. They were not friendly, and were so rough on my hands. They rushed through the whole process, and I left with nails that were all completely different shapes and lengths, and the color and design was no where near what I asked for.
Services: Nail art, Acrylic nails

5. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism
I wouldn’t recommend this place, nails came off within two days. The Woman arch my eyebrows so de and she should’ve just shaved them off, After I explained 3 to 4 times and show the picture on how I wanted them to look she did of the way

6. Amazing customer service! Loved my experience and will be back everytime 💚💜!!! Very clean and relaxing place with very good consistent prices! They take there time, clean in between customers, talk to you and make sure you are

7. Critical: Cleanliness, Quality
I had gel nail polish that I had them do and I wanted it off so they drilled the nail polished off along with layers of my nails.It hurts like hell and will probably take a long time for my nails to fully recover.This place is terrible.

8. The people are very nice. But the prices change rapidly. How is it i paid $50 for fill in shellac 2 days later my jewels already missing. This never happens with my usual place & i only pay $40 there..

9. I try to go on a weekday when they’re not crowded. Because when they’re crowded, they seem to rush in order to get everyone. And that makes for mistakes or an unpleasant visit. Other than that, they are great.

10. Everyone was super sweet. The manager was especially kind checking up on his clients. Thank you for the great service.