1. Sneaky about his haircut price and pushy.. First time there Sat me down and asked what I want. Told him. Asked me if I want shears cut. I say don’t barbers use shears and electric razor? He says yea ok. Gives me a ok haircut.. didn’t do

2. I made an appointment with this person and he told me to come at 3:50. When we left, he said that you came late. If you are, this person got rid of me. He behaves and also complains about the cost that you have to owe $ 30. I also say that this person is very rude and does not treat his customer well.

3. I was in a rush to get a last minute hair cut on a Sunday and, ran all over Chico to be turned down by everyone until I talked to the nice man that runs the Sports Barbershop! Not only did he cut my hair but he did it with style and a smile.

4. It was my son’s 1st haircut and the gentleman cutting his hair made him feel very comfortable and his haircut came out very nice

5. Don’t go here unless you want Asian haircut he made me look like Kim jung Un and charged me 30 dollars lol Asian man can’t do fades now my hair looks messed up he cut my hair too short when I asked him for a trim my hair was pretty long

6. Took me as a walk in, granted it I was there before he was open. ( it was Valentines weekend)
He is friendly and his shop was clean. He ask me want I needed and he did it.

7. I’ve had my hair cut in multiple shops/ states/ countries and this guy is the best, no joke.

8. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
This is by far the best haircut my son has received. We have tried a lot of different places. This will be our new haircut place. The fade and haircut are perfect. The man that did the haircut was so fast but so efficient. I definitely recommend coming here.
Service: Haircut

9. Very rude I made appointment but when I went to over their he no accepted the appointment the place was dirty he is very very unpolitically he to match rude Better

10. Critical: Value
Ya about a year and a half ago I came in for a haircut he asked me how I wanted it I told him a fade from a 1 to a 5. He started to cut it and I told him that I want it shorter on the sides and he said ok I’m gonna have to charge you an