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1:Our 2 year old had his first haircut by Shelby and she handled it as a pro. She did scissor cuts and he looks great. He did fight it, but she did what she could. Coming back to her monthly.

2:This was my second time coming in for a cut. The first time was 100% good enough for me to return. The second cut was also top notch. However while receiving my cut I was sitting next to Kelly while she was cutting her clients hair. During this service I overheard Kelly use such derogatory language towards a minority group that I was shocked that someone in the customer service industry would say something out loud in public while at work. While the haircut was great I most likely will not return just due to this experience.

3:I mean anyone who knows Chris knows the man can cut it up and cut your hair. He keeps it like the barber shops from yesteryears. Good place where everyone feels like family even if you’re the second cousin who only shows up on holidays.

4:Bambi did a amazing job on my husbands head! Did a slick bald head and trimmed up his beard. Great personality! Will definitely be coming back!

5:Came in last night about 5:20 for a haircut sat there until 6 o’clock closing time all barbers looked at me and said I’m sorry I don’t have time to do your hair were about to close. SO WHY DID YOU LET ME SIT IN YOUR CHAIR FOR 40 MINUTES. Definitely not what the place was when it first opened.