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1:The ladies that work here are lovely. It’s brilliant for kids who hate having their hair done! From the age of 3, my little boy cried and carried on every time he had his hair cut. I took him here on recommendation from a friend and now the experience is much calmer. My 5 year old busily works away on a game they give him and just doesn’t care that he is having his hair cut. Happy boy, happy mum!

2:Yeah had a haircut last week lovely young girl cut what bit of hair I’ve got took her time very nice cut it was use it again no problem two girls very happy very chatty and not to dear

3:Lovely service and very professional. Always clean and tidy and very good with small children I.e tablet to occupie child , lolly and optional coulors for their hair . Parking is at the church off Broadway 😉.

4:Well run, extremely professional and friendly staff. Appointment system simple yet effective. I moved to Yorkshire some time ago but still make the pilgrimage to have my hair cut there. Highly recommended!

5:Fabulous cut!! Friendly staff and excellent prices. Very knowledgeable staff.