Smart Cut

Recent Comments Smart Cut:
  1. Always great cut, always great atmosphere if strictly always 10s.
  2. These guys know how to cut hair, unlike some of the other so called ‘barbers’ in Fareham. The cuts are efficient and they listen to their customers, whilst the priced are cheap. Also, the salon is clean and comfortable, with music to keep you entertained. Thoroughly recommended!
  3. BEST barber in Fareham!! Very friendly staff would recommend to everyone 5* rating for service n barbering hairstylist. Also love the barbering car they have for the little kids to sit n have a haircut in!
  4. Great her cut ✂️ 👏 👌 and lovely stuff
  5. With a rating of 4.9 thought it would be amazing, guess what the guy spent 10 minutes on the hair with plenty of uneven cuts and I ain’t talking about trimming here and had to get it recut. Absolutely rubbish service.