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1:Asked for short back and sides. Got exactly what i paid for, at pensioners rate but i payed full wack £10.

2:I asked for a mid skin fade and a little bit off the top and they messed up the fade and took a lot more hair of the top than I wanted and then when I told him he messed up my hair I started laughing do not go here

3:Sam is the the man best fade in bury

4:Gave my son an awful haircut & when I complained about it, it ended up resulting in two men making me feel very uncomfortable & laughing in my face, claiming that it ‘wasn’t their fault’ – which might I add I never insinuated, I just stated that I did not like the end result, as it was not as I imagined/expected. The staff are rude, arrogant & so far up their own arses it’s embarrassing. I will stick to Hairmasters in future.

5:All my mates said come here for a decent cut, they weren’t wrong, 100% recommend. I’ll be going every time I need a chop from now on and it’s 25 min drive past 30 barbers to get there!