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1: I came here to support a black owned beauty supply. I felt like I was in a Asian owned store. They followed me through every aisle. All the way to the register. They were not helpful. I purchased one pack of clips and left. I’ll come back one more time. Maybe they were having a bad day, heck maybe I was having a bad day 🤷🏽‍♀️

2: I am so glad I found this place. Well stocked, friendly staff AND it’s Black owned! Definitely my new go-to!

3: Nice, clean, neighborhood beauty supply store! Awesome selection of anything from product, hair, cosmetics, and accessories. You name it, they have it! Customer service is always A+🥰 My new go to one stop shop 😉

4: My first time going I fall in love and I find every color for my daughter hair I recommend everyone should come here to this store 💯

5: Great customer service. The girls are very helpful and kind. They have a good selection of everything hair, wigs, lashes and jewelry. Black owned and thriving