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1:Kim cut my hair a lot shorter than what I asked her to do. I asked for 1 inch to be cut and she cut 2-3+ inches without asking or telling me what she was doing. I called her to let her know the cut was too short and she tried to convince me she only cut 1/2 inch despite the pictures I sent her showing otherwise. I texted her to let her know I was unhappy with her work. Her response was “understand me I gave you the hair cut you asked for. There are soldiers on leave that will not be with their families or small children for Christmas and you are so distraught over your hair being too short. Your hair will grow back. We have discussed this situation for the last time. Do not contact me again.” She tried to justify the poor quality of her work by trying to use the military as reasoning for why I shouldn’t be upset about her butchering my hair. She was extremely unprofessional, condescending, and rude in the handling of this matter. I don’t recommend going to this salon and especially don’t recommend using Kim.

2:Kennedy did amazing on my hair! It was a wreck and she went over and beyond! It look great! I definitely will be back for anything I need and will recommend to everyone!! Very HAPPY!!!! 😃

3:I LOVE this salon! I drive an hour to get there, which tells you how fond I am of this place. They are extremely friendly, professional and do beautiful work and at a great price. I trust my beautician (Wendy) so whole-heartedly that when she asks what do I want to do this time, my response is whatever you think.

4:These woman that work here are the best! Good haircut! The owner is so sweet! She is one of the reasons I come here and I travel from Fultondale to McCalla… great atmosphere! Shop is spectacular!

5:Scissor Salon is convenient to hwy 459 at exit #1, McAdory. Owner and operator Wendy is my stylist and always does great work on my hair. I’ve had cancer this yr and my hair has gotten really thin. Wendy cuts it to look the very best. I always leave feeling great about my cut. Wendy also does great color work as well as being an expert nail tech.