Royal Cuts II

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1. My son played with his fathers electric razor and cut into his locs. Recommended by a friend to go see Blue. I called and the first person I spoke to wasn’t really interested in talking to me, but they did get my number and give the message

2. Would not recommend this barbershop. went in to get a line up, & asked how much it would cost. one barber couldn’t tell me & looked to the other barber who said $10. Then minutes later after I noticed nonverbal communication between the two

3. Went to the barber shop with a confirmed appt but we was waiting forever. Finally got in the chair and did a terrible job job the first time. Asked Moe to redo and he acted annoyed by this. Finally after an hour got back in the chair, and

4. My first and last time ever going to this barbershop. My barber was on the phone the entire time I was in his chair. Trying to take care of business while at work is fine but not when you’re dealing with a customer. He used profanity 90% of

5. did an amazing job on my sons hair n nicks..chill atmosphere..his barber was super great.

6. Barely any barbers ever here. The ones that are here have the WORST ATTITUDE POSSIBLE!
Service: Long haircut

7. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Yeah I went in the as a walk in I see this guy I’m going to believe is as Alex cause guy was like slow and I couldn’t even hear when he spoke. Upon him finishing a kid hair cut I immediately walk up to ask him a simple question okay. Do you

8. I,m always looking fresh when I got my hair cut.

9. I was a walk-in customer earlier today (Saturday in December). I had a great experience: Three other cuts going on but no wait at all; a comfortable barber chair where the magic happened in just under 30 minutes, and a great cut with

10. No wait, but the barber was not very good at communicating. I asked for a low neat fade from Alex and it was not good. My son had to go back and get his haircut corrected.