Rotor Blades Barber Shop

Recent Comments Rotor Blades Barber Shop:

1: My go to place for a haircut. They are always friendly, professional, and take their time to give you the cleanest haircut. They also cut our kids hair and do an amazing job with them.

2: Best barber I have ever been too! Will never go anywhere else while I’m here. Prices are cheap and like most have said comes with a good massage at the end! Been coming here since they opened! Owner is the best. Make sure you have time to wait though.

3: $12 a cut. Barbers know how to cut military hair, and there is hardly ever a wait. 10/10 would recommend.

4: Great service. Good price. Massage included. The ladies there are super friendly. Often there is a wait. They make sure everyone gets the full experience which dies take longer than normal. Some stylists are better than others

5: I got an excellent haircut at a great price with all the extras. I felt like I was back in Korea, very nice people and great service.