Ripley’s Gentlemen’s Barbers

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1:Initial impressions were surprise at a women-only hairdressers in a place called The Mensroom. Then, the sound of what I thought was commercial radio playing advertisements. However, I decided to stick around as the overall vibe was cool and it was clear the commercial radio was a groovy Spotify playlist (time to upgrade to a paid account, perhaps?). The hairdresser I had was chatty and knowledgeable – and the results impressive too. I was additionally fascinated by the range of grooming products on offer (see photo of ‘fairy dust’). I would definitely go here again.

2:i had been looking for someone who could cut a old type DA, found Heather till she left to have her baby, then Claire started to cut my DA and she makes a fantastic job of it and she is cheerful and pleasant, i look forward to sitting in her chair as know it will be good Been again today and could not be happier and told them to keep her for at least 14 yrs till i am 80 when i will grow my hair long and be a hippy. i highly recommend her.

3:Booked an appointment all good and very professional. Well done for service and quality during the Covid 19 times. Can confidently recommend to anybody wanting a haircut in Market Harborough.

4:Had a bad trim at Sheltons with no fade on the back and sides so went here to get it fixed. Shiv faded it perfectly so definitely the best cut I’ve ever had. Friendly environment too so will definitely recommend

5:Lovely barber shop. Overall good place to get your haircut.