Regency Court

Recent Comments Regency Court:

1. nice shopping center. has a very large and well stocked Publix market. the restaurants here are pretty good… they range from a BBQ place to a sit down deli. overall, a good place for us to shop and walk around.

2. Great shopping center that has 2 parts and 2 separate parking lots.

Lots of great stores and restaurants plus a very busy Publix

3. Nice Publix- a few good restaurants.

4. I like Regency Court. A variety of restaurants and stores. I think it’s a good center if you’re out looking for variety. The center has a lot to offer.

5. This shopping center is like a one stop shopping mall. Some of the stores there include Too Jay’s, Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens, Publix, Chase , Orient Kitchen (Chinese food) and others. I normally place an order at Orient and while I am waiting I go to Publix to pick up some groceries.

6. One of the nicest Publix I’ve found in the Boca Raton area I’ve gone out west to 441 and all the way out east and federal and Dixie. And this beats them all hands down. I love the outdoor shopping mall it’s a little warm but it is in the

7. Very difficult to get in and out of and very difficult to park

8. Great shopping venue with lots of stores. Large parking lot. Be very careful in the parking lot as the drivers are impatient and drive somewhat recklessly. The Meating Place is wonderful.

9. It’s great.while I miss subway and tuty fruity self serve frozen yogurt. I understand that the rent is high and expensive. i understand .if it wasn’t for the landlord charging the rent sky high to the manager and owrner of subway it would

10. This is a strip mall, very convenient parking, shops are constantly changing, I went to Publix!