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  1. No common sense of how style your hair. I did tell him exactly how i want it. But the fact you responded like that says it all. Only wish you guys knew english but its okay.
  2. Very nice service, I had problems when it camo to cutting my beard, and these guys made it exactly I wanted. Big up!
  3. Friendly service and the lads listen and give you the cut you want
  4. It’s honestly good. I don’t get my hair cut often but when I did it was decent. Sometimes my hair was uneven but most of the time, it was good. Cheap prices. Quick service (20-40 mins max). I respect all the staff there and they were all nice. WOULD RECOMMEND
  5. Never had a bad haircunt or line up of my beard at this barbers. Maybe a little higher on the neckline than i usually go for but was clean neat and tidy and actually looked good. Always professional and courteous and its very good value for money