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1: I went as a walk in I got lucky they took me in right away I was pregnant and couldn’t get my feet up for the pedicure while getting my nails done and they were so sweet and accommodating to me great customer service

2: I been going here since I was a teen over 10 yrs ago. Great service ! Nails, pedi and eyebrows done each visit.

3: My first time here. Shop was empty so i was worked on right away. The male did my pedicure. He did a good job and i asked him could he do a slight massage & that id pay extra, and instead the lady answered me and said NO. Lol, anyways she did my nails cute. But she wasnt very friendly..

4: I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NAIL SHOP!!! They’re awesome, they take appointments so you’re able to get in and out plus the shop is not crowded! My, Terry and Lynn are all awesome nail tech’s 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

5: I really love the quick and friendly service. The prices are awesome. Unfortunately because there’s only one person to do eyebrows (and that person also does nails), if you decide last minute to get your brows done, you can’t do it. Otherwise, it was an awesome experience and I loved it.