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  1. She had asked me what length I wanted and she kept cutting it shorter and she was rolling her eyes at me. She had a terrible attitude and she was complaining to her co workers thinking that I didn’t understand but I did. So after she finally got the length I wanted she put extra acrylic powder on my nails and made it look super thick and wide. And this is how it looked and she knew she was doing this on purpose so I stopped her and only thing she did was take $15 off and still charge me $50 to soak them off. She didn’t even tried to fix them. This person is one of the sisters that works here. This is her at the bottom and she wouldn’t even tell me her name. I really shouldn’t have to pay $50 for her just to take them off. She is very rude and has a terrible attitude. She did all this because she wouldn’t cut the length that I wanted and she was trying to joke around with me. Then tells me I can’t come back for a manicure anymore just a pedicure. I’ve gotten my nails done here before and they always do a great job but this lady she did a horrible job, had the worst attitude ever, and she wouldn’t even try to redo them or anything.
  2. I could write a long review but I do not even want to waste that much of my time talking about this salon. Rude is enough. Find somewhere else. First time here. Btw I am writing this review while sitting here in the chair lol
  3. Horrid! Waited and waited but there was only one other customer. I asked for my friend and I to be seated by each other so we could chat. Didn’t happen. My tech was Ina video call the entire time and running shed through everything. Sooo disappointed.
  4. Amazing job on my pedicure. She did an awesome job, as a truck driver, I put my feet through alot. My feet were a couple of months past due. They look and feel great. Thank you so much
  5. I used to love this place so much. But lately they seem to rush thatmu nails aren’t straight but it’s my preferred place to go.