Plaza At Cherry Creek

Recent Comments Plaza At Cherry Creek:

1. Comfort Dental is taking really good care of me… Taking my teeth improving my dental comfort

2. Pick up yer mail, have your teeth fixed, go to the pharmacy for your meds, pick up some peach ice cream and boom hit Whole Foods across the street for fixins for din-din. Bada Boom. Bada Bing.

3. The plaza is nice I guess the mall is ok. It’s, you know, a mall. A lot of kids running around. Most of the stores are well stocked. The Starbucks recently closed which is lame but I’ll live.

4. Sam was first to greet me his first day on the sales floor. Great service answered all my questions not pushy and very informative.
I highly recommend Sam and his trainer. Don’t remember his name.

5. Up until this past weekend, my overall experience there was unpleasant. Not everything. Just some major issues. I reached out to one of the owners to discuss it, and never received a response.

6. Several shops I like. Parking can be a challenge.

7. Not always open as there signs states and priced to high .

8. I have been a patient at Comfort Dental for a number of years and my service is excellent. Highly recommend this facility.

9. Parking is a nightmare or it’s just the people that can’t drive. Went to Christi’s ski shop and the employees were distant at best. One guy was on his phone when I ask him a question, and was given a blank stare like he didn’t understand

10. Navigating this lot is a bit difficult but they also have underground parking.