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1. This is the only barber I trust with my cut! Professional, clean, takes care of the customer. My 7yo get his cuts here and he always has a great experience.

2. This is the right place to get a haircut, but, parking is very limited, this guys are always busy, I recommend to make an appoiment, other wise you will waiting for a while, there is free WiFi :-).

3. Well It took me a while to write a review about this place. But since I used to live close its okay. I had some weird experiences in this barbershop. I was recommended to try out to get a haircut with the owner. He seems to have mixed

4. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism

The place is filthy and the reviews about customer service pretty much some up the experience here.

5. Haircut is okay but ever time I come to get a haircut there’s never any parking , you have to sit outside and wait 30 min for someone to leave so you can find a spot . This is not the location for a barber shop too many stores in the plaza

6. The greatest barbershop on the planet. I’ve been getting cut here since Fall 2014

7. Don’t come to this barber shop. They don’t know customer service. I walked in an the barbers just stared at me without saying a word, there was 2 barbers cutting hair an the rest sitting down on their phone. Nobody seemed concerned with

8. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Josh is literally best barber I’ve ever had. I came
From New York not knowing where to go and I went straight to my boy josh not knowing what to expect. That man literally changed my whole hairstyle and knows

9. I came in to get a haircut for me and my son one of the barbers did a pretty good job and i was happy.
However the barber on the left side as soon as you walk in I think he’s the

10. Critical: Professionalism
I went to get my son a haircut and they were so unprofessional.first, time when I walked in, no one greeted me or ask if I needed help. Second, I ask the price of the haircut for a four year old and they ask if he was under twelve. I don’t