Peter’s Barber Shop

Recent Comments Peter’s Barber Shop:

1. Came three different times. Still received messed up haircut. Didn’t take time to cut my hair . I’m not bringing my business back to this place. And over charged for haircut.

2. Just came in today for a haircut. I didn’t get the barber’s name but this is a family owned business and he’s the boxer of the family. Really cool guy and he gave me a really good fade. I feel like I haven’t had a nice haircut for quite some time now. This family knows how to cut hair. Give them your business!

3. We r from Texas and moved to Cali my husband’s very picky with his hair so when he waited and waited to get his hair cut he looked everywhere with his cousin who didn’t wait and cut his hair at another barber shop where they messed up his

4. I have been taking my kids here for about 2 years. Never disappointed. The team is very friendly and always eager to please. I see men, women, and kids every time we go and there is always some sort of line due the their great reputation. We don’t go anywhere else.

5. Critical: Professionalism
I went to go get a haircut and some mean, overweight girl got offended that I didn’t want a haircut from her. She proceeded to verbally harass me throughout my entire haircut session. If you’re gonna get a haircut don’t go here otherwise Jabba the Hut over here will get mad.

6. The barber shop can get a little busy sometimes but I always try to come when there is a low amount of people and it usually works out in terms of wait time. Everyone here are very friendly and try their best to accomodate my needs. Barbers very often give nice hair cuts that I am very satisfied with.

7. I called and asked for prices on mens and boys haircuts and the girl said $xyz and up. Then I asked how much if wanted a mens razorfade, and she responds $xyz and up (both the same “xyz” price and up fyi). How do you not know? I show up

8. Decent shop but not good with young kids. Okay with adult cuts, much better for same price elsewhere. Barber continued to be irritated with kid, unprofessional and irritating.

9. At first it was a great place my brother was coming frequently to get his hair done so I thought I’d give it a go I wanted My hair up to my shoulders and I kid you not my hair was not even close to being an inch smaller then they charged me

10. My haircut turned out pretty good though the lady that did my hair did roast my diy haircut (from a year ago “It’s crooked” “Did you just watch a youtube video and decide to go for it?”) and my eyebrows (“yeah you should get them done soon”) but I think it was part of the experience.