Patty’s Barber Shop

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1. Before I write this i want to say that all barbers are not bad at cutting hair. the only issue is this place hires people without experience. I know what i asked for and i did not get what i asked for, i said i want a low fade taper with a

2. Critical: Quality
This is a first and last! We will never return to this Barber Shop again. I paid $30 for my son to get a haircut with a line up. My son had made a couple facial gestures in the seat while getting his haircut but I didn’t think much of it

3. I’ve gotten my haircut by 3 different barbers in this shop and hands down the best fades I’ve gotten in Detroit and by all 3 and being a Latino in this crazy city this is definitely my favorite place to go and my favorite people to support.

4. Been going there for long time is my favorite best in the area

5. Critical: Professionalism, Value
My son just got his haircut here and after paying $47.00 for the worst haircut he has ever received we will not be going back.The barber kept blowing vape smoke right on him. And we were there for 90 minutes and told the guy 3 times I

6. Good ppl nice clean…. They allow doe lots of talking… More cutting

7. Safe. Clean, and skilled barbers. Been going here for years, the work is top notch.

8. Always friendly, quick service, and they always do a great job.

9. So been Going For Years. My Son Loves going to Them. But, sometimes they are kinda on the rude side. I guess it all depends who there. Definitely miss a few Barber’s that were there a while ago. But. Even they had to move on. But, My Son

10. Critical: Quality, Value
All I asked was to be shaved down to the skin on all sides and back, leaving my mowhawk. Asked them to use a 0 or 1 razor, as I wanted it smooth af. they did not shave it all off, leaving a good inch of hair on the sides, and then charged me 30.00. 30.00 for a shave and trim is ridiculous.