P K Beauty

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1. This place is straight for what it is but it’s to tight in there. Like there is literally no space and I’m a Fat woman. You have to be small to really go around the aisle. I’m in there doing the slide trying to get through. They do have

2. They always have everything I need for my beauty needs and more. Staff is so nice, polite and helpful.

3. The Lady Of PK Beauty , Thank You for helping my husband with
Picking the perfect wig for me . I
Love my wig Thank you for everything .

4. We always find the items when we go there and the owners are very polite, they love my daughter when she comes in to purchase items.

5. The owner is a nice guy….. Was my first experience, won’t be my last

6. Store is PACKED with inventory, too much as aisles are narrow and merchandise from ceiling to floor. If you looked for 8 hours you still wouldn’t see half of their stuff. Had to ask staff who was nice and knowledgeable about what I wanted

7. A lot better f stuff come look great place

8. They were very nice and knowledgeable of what I needed. I will patronize this store again.

9. The customer service there is unacceptable. They don’t see customers they see dollars. Young girl in there rachet… she don’t know about any of the most basic products used for braiding and argued me down that shine and jam is not edge

10. Kinda cluttered with small aisles but overall not bad.