OneStop Barbershop

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1. The staff were extremely friendly and got me exactly what I needed. Beard cut and lines were great!

2. Critical: Professionalism
I went there and wanted to talk to someone in english . They tell me someone who can speak english will be with me in a minute, they get there they don’t speak english at all, whatever I’ll just explain it in spanish. I wanted a fade but

3. My wife works right next to this barbershop and since i had to pick her up at 3:30pm i decided to stop here and gey my haircut since my usual place was closed for the day. I got to the barbershop at 1:30 pm there was 1 other person waiting

4. If I say this was the best haircut I’ve ever had probably you won’t believe me but it was. I am on a temporary assignment here in Miami and called to make an appointment then realized it was before hours. The owner called me back from the

5. Since before this barbershop opened I have been receiving flyers with coupons. I went to check out the shop was now I realize why they promote and market so much. This shop is amazing!!! Dope spot. The barbers are very professional while

6. I’ve have been bringing my son to One Stop Barber Shop since it’s grand opening, and I can say I am truly happy with the results! He always leaves the shop happy and with a smile. It’s very spacious, and is filled with fun, kid friendly

7. The Best barbershop in Miami. Excellent service and cleaner place. the best: Tony. professional, friendly, who provides a guaranteed quality service.

8. This is my very first time putting a 1 star rate. as I travel everywhere and really picky about where I get to have my haircut. i dont speak Spanish so I just sat there and wait.. and then. 1 came up to me and ask do I need a haircut.. I

9. Alain gave me the best hair cut and shave that I have ever had. I barely ever review a business but I just had to write this review. I am here on personal travel but if I lived in the area I would make this my permanent barber shop and request Alain every time.

10. I just got to say that Alain’s skill set is on point. I actually walked in this joint with a messed up haircut and was in desperate need of help lol…Alain is a pretty cool guy we got to talking, getting to know each other a bit better and