Olympic Barber & Styles

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  1. Worst haircut I have ever gotten. I feel like this is a prank but it’s not. This was supposed to be a medium skin fade
  2. I love that they display different hairstyles cuz I don’t know where to even start makes it easy and she’s good
  3. One lady cutting hair. She does a ton of military hair cuts and does a great job. Walk ins welcome and not a long wait. Place looks rough but good service.
  4. Great women cutting hair there. It feels good to support a local business owner. She does fantastic and quick work, plus there’s never a line.
  5. Worst haircutting experience I’ve ever had. Came out bleeding in a few different spots. Hurt like hell. Charges more than the PX too. Missed a lot of hair too. Do not go here. I would’ve rather went to work out of regs and got paperwork than go here ever again.