Olde ‘76 Barber Shop

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1:Awesome place. It is hard to find a good barber that knows exactly what they are doing. Has a very nice vibe. I like the 1776 logo absolutely brilliant. This place makes you feel like your in your own living room getting a hair cut. Beard trim came out nice and sharp.

2:Great Barber, very skilled. Super nice guy and he is a patriot & a U.S. Army veteran who has served our counrty.

3:Super friendly, great cut, great service! Will be a returning customer and I highly recommend! I’ll be trying the beard trim on my next visit

4:just met the owner, haven’t gotten a cut yet but talking to the guy and seeing his work in pictures I would recommend him already. Had about a 20 min conversation with him and I believe he does awesome work. I will be paying him a visit very soon to get my first cut from him. If you’re looking for a new barber, or you are willing just to give a new business a chance stop in and see him. He’s located on 67 in Priceville at the show time car wash, and he’s also an army vet so stop by and show some support

5:Can’t beat Chris! He’s Top shelf for sure!