Oakman Beauty Supply

Recent Comments Oakman Beauty Supply:

1. They are always nice to me and prices are good. Easier to go into your local beauty store, then to order online and wait weeks on end. Been going here since they were on Prospect and I was really young. Definitely my go-to place for all my hair needs!

2. My Favorite place Ever Wish I could just live in back Room ..xoxo There so Wonderful keep products in constantly. Always excited 2Help..xoxo 😊 🤗

3. I love this place!! They have everything you need! Great Prices! Great customer service!

4. Love this place ❤️ it has everything you need ❤️

5. Best place to get my hair and anything else I need to do my hair!

6. Was denied entry because of my service dog. I tried to explain to the man that my service dog is allowed in the store. He the of me to stand in the front so my dog wouldn’t bite anyone and so no one’s allergies would act up.

7. This store has just about everything beauty and I love it great prices too !!!!

8. I love the store and the prices

9. Oakman Beauty Supply always have what I need. They keep their items stocked. Whenever I go there I ask them for 1 item I get all the time they even know me when I walk in and they always speak to me. So will I return there? Yes I will.

10. They have good hair but the service was shady. I bought two packs of extensions because I thought I may need more then one pack. As was handed the receipt they told me there are no refunds or exchanges on any hair once you buy it it’s yours even though I hadn’t left the store I couldn’t even return my extra pack.