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1. Critical: Punctuality
Made an appointment, the guy was 20 min late. I’m on time but they can’t be? Showed a pic of a pink and white ombré (med length almond shape) I got tan and white flat and straight candy corn nails….. I did not request anything Halloween.

2. I had the best pedicure here. My legs and feet were so relaxed after my appointment. The business is very clean all the staff were very nice. I arrived early to my appointment they took me right away no wait time at all.
Services: Manicures, Pedicures

3. Sent my 15 year old in for a full set, she got shellac and some glitter on 2 nails…they charged her $85. Absolutely ridiculous and disgusting to take advantage of a 15 year old child. Shame on these people. Such bad business, this place is

4. This place is terrible, the guy i spoke with didn’t know what acrylic, filling, or what ombré meant. I understand not being able to speak English but at least know the business you’re doing. On top of that my French tip nails that he did

5. I’ve been coming to this salon for almost 3 years now and it is, by far the best salon, hands down. I used to live 5 minutes from the salon, now I live 45+ minutes away and I have no problem making that drive because they’re the best!!! I’m

6. This was my first visit to Northwest Nails and I loved it. Everyone was courteous and it was very clean. I had Anna and she was very thorough. She took the time to do a high quality job and give me exactly what I wanted. She made sure that

7. BEWARE granddaughter went in for a full set, and glitter on 2 nails…charged her $85! Are you
kidding me ??!!! Called to ask why so much ,no answer given just told sorry

8. Positive: Quality
I got a full set-pink and white ombré, 2 embellished nails. It cost $65 (not including tip). The nails are very pretty, but VERY thick.
Service: Manicures

9. Critical: Punctuality
Before the pandemic walk-ins were welcome. Now it’s appointment only and I don’t mind that, like that way better. Had an appointment Tuesday 9/14/21 for a pedicure at 11am….NEVER again!!!! Wanted to treat myself and go all out. Sat in the

10. Critical: Quality
I’ve gotten a shellac manicure three times from this place. One time, I had to come back and have them redone because they chipped right away. The most recent time I went, the lady somehow got the clear top coat all over my fingers. She