Nancy’s Nail & Hair Salon

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  1. They use to be pretty good when Ms Nancy is there. Lately everytime I go, the eyebrow archer is not in come back in a couple of hours or another day is what I’ve been told. Pedicure was not good and nail paint came off the same day 🙄
  2. Very unprofessional and very UNSANITARY. Work was poor and customer service was even worse for the prices they were giving and were HIGH at that . Old man said $45 for a fill then went down to $25 . Very very displeased with the over all business . They need to be shut down.
  3. Nancy herself did mine, and I think she does an amazing job!! I’m not sure about the other nail techs though
  4. They don’t know how to polish nor shape. The polish was water down. The place was dirty didn’t use any plastic on tub. Didn’t see him open any new tubes to do pedicure. Prices are super high for poor quality work. I wasted my money never coming here again.!!
  5. Unacceptable service & offered a $5 discount, I don’t want a discount I want satisfactory service