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Recent Comments Nails Haven:

1. Relaxing and really well done. Everyone was so nice. Gel pedi and dip mani. I saw each station wiped down after the customer left. Liners used for pedi. Standard pricing. Absolutely will go back.

2. Critical: Quality
Gel manicure…. Started chipping 3 days later and at one week a whole nail peeled off.. didn’t even last a week. Disappointing. I called and they said they can only guarantee a gel manicure to last 3 days. If you want it longer than 3 days GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

3. Critical: Quality
I got my acrylic nails removed. The lady filed my nails down so much they felt hot. I figured a little of that was to get the acrylic off so I continued not thinking too much of it. Then she cut my cuticles so furiously my thumb was

4. Had an amazing experience and the technicians are so friendly. I was tardy and she was very kind about that and I got a gel pedicure as well as acrylic gel nails. The nail design is blue marble on my hands and it’s beautiful.

5. Very clean and professional. I really liked my nail professional but i didn’t get her name. 😕 though the other 2 there seemed professional too. I will be coming back!

6. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
The salon is very clean and everyone is friendly and professional , my nails turned out beautifully. I paid $68 for a full set and gel polish, the set was $43 but I was charged $25 for the cat eye polish I rcvd. It was not communicated

7. Unfortunately this place is not worth coming back. I hate to be that person who complains about places but this one had great reviews and I gave it a shot (regretfully). I had an appointment and I was walk in the lady who helped me clearly

8. They are fantastic. I get dip on my nails and they have always been perfect

9. Sloppy. Rushed. My technician was OK friendly, but my nails were not looking like I spent my $40 well. I have to remove the acrylic from under my nails at home (see pictures) LOL OMG. Not cool. Not going back.

10. Great pedicure and manicure, the woman working were so friendly and it was fast.